I have no financial ties and get no financial, or any other type of, remuneration from any of these people and/or business. I just think they’re really awesome 2-leggeds!


Adam Karp

Adam Karp animal law attorney is a nationally-recognized aninal law attorney which my 2-legged had the opportunity and honor to work with. He is licensed in Washington state, Idaho and Oregon and will refer to other similarly awesome attorneys in other states. I’d share my cookies with Adam.


Lewisa Goggin

Lewisa Goggin is a personal friend and also an amazing animal communicator who can work with you in person or long-distance. She has helped many a person who needed to communicate with their 4-leggeds.


The pet food industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year to convince 2-leggeds of the “goodness” of pet “food.” We, 4-leggeds, would be best served if they spent that money on purchasing quality ingredients, eliminating sugars, MSG and other toxic products from our “food.” Truth about pet food do a superb job of educating the 2-leggeds about the truth.



Dr. Alinovi

Dr. Cathy Alinovi is a holistic vet par excellence (yeas, that’s French. Remember, my 2-legged speaks French, so I learned!) Though located in Indiana, she also has a Dr. Cathy Alinovi tele-medicine page where you can ask her questions long-distance. She also has a number of Vintage Healthy Spa which I use and recommend.