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Why So Little “Free” Time?

living in the moment

I am a very 4-legged because my 2-legged always takes time to play and snuggle with me. Because of the choices he’s made in his life, he has plenty of “free” time. Of course, this whole concept of “free” time is very strange to us 4-leggeds and it took a a while and lots of effort on my 2-legged’s part, for me to understand it.

What is particularly ironic to us 4-leggeds, is that so very many “time-saving” devices are marketed, and purchased, by the 2-leggeds. Yet, it seems to us that the more “time-saving” devices there are, the less “free” time 2-leggeds seem to have.

It is particularly interesting (strange?) to us 4-leggeds that the more electronically connected 2-leggeds become, the more disconnected they seem to be. It seems that I see more 2-leggeds with their eyes glued to their phones (what’s so “smart” about a “smart phone”? Isn’t it still garbage in garbage out?) even as they walk their 4-leggeds, go on a date, are with friends, etc. Shouldn’t that be a time to enjoy your surroundings? Smell the roses? Enjoy the company of your 2-legged or 4-legged friends, etc.? Hmmm…. cell phones! Isn’t a “cell” where 2-leggeds are incarcerated?

Anyhow, because there is synchronicity  in the Universe, just as my 2-legged was explaining this concept to me, he came across an article on this very subject. It is written by Omi Safi, a very accomplished and award-winning professor at Duke University and columnist with On Being, a Peabody Award-winning public radio conversation and podcast.

My 2-legged and I really enjoyed reading the article because it really lays out the fact that 2-leggeds perhaps keep so very busy so that they don’t have to look deep within themselves and discover the source of their unhappiness. Plato was credited with the quote, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Perhaps because an “unexamined life” really fails to get in touch with a 2-legged’s soul and discover the universal source of happiness (hint: “Love”).

Here’s a link to The Disease of Being Busy.


Happily unattached to a “cell” phone and reading peemails™ on my walk-abouts,



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