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Out of the mouth of “babes”: Death by Dog Food

Each year, the New York State Bar Association holds different writing contests with cash prizes open to law students.

As a former animal law attorney, my 2-legged thought one of this year’s submissions was particularly important and relevant to pet lovers. In it, the author discusses how the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), whose mandate is to protect the food supply for both humans and animals, instead protects the financial interest of the commercial pet “food” industry which it willingly and blatantly allows it to violate federal (i.e., FDA) regulations.


As the paper points out, the FDA is aware of the fact that commercial pet “food” manufacturers (is it food if it is “manufactured”?) use ingredients from non-slaughtered animals in violation of federal rules. Hence, FDA is aware that road kill, restaurant and grocery store discards, food unfit for human consumption (i.e., diseased) as well as euthanized animals are used in manufacturing commercial pet “food.”

The author also points that, in 2003, the European Union:

“[] the Scientific Steering Committee for the European Parliament and Council concluded that animal by-products derived from animals not fit for human consumption should not enter the feed chain and their uses should be limited. To this end, the Council adopted a regulation dividing animal by-products into three categories based on their potential risk to humans, animals, and the environment. The regulation limited the use of animal by-products in pet food to Category three materials, which include by-products derived from healthy animals slaughtered for human consumption.

Prior to passage of the regulation, raw material of a lower standard was permitted in pet food. The practice of recycling cadavers and material unfit for human consumption in the feed chain was a factor in spreading BSE and other epidemics in European countries.

My 2-legged couldn’t have said it better:

Feeding our pets diseased and condemned leftovers from the human food supply does not constitute the good, or even adequate, treatment these animals deserve.

Yet, the use of such unhealthy and deadly ingredients continues unabated in the US, despite it being a clear violation of FDA regulations. Meanwhile, the industry continues to use images of lip-smacking healthy ingredients in television commercials, newspaper and internet ads and on the packaging because, after all, we’re a member of the family!


pet food claimed ingredients
What they claim they use


What they really use


Then again, as my 2-legged often says: “Follow the money trail.” So much cheaper and more profitable for the industry to feed us 4-leggeds unhealthy ingredients…after all, we’re just animals!

By the way, healthy pet food activist Susan Thixton, whose website TruthAboutPetFoods contains a treasure trove of information, recently interviewed FDA representatives who openly admitted that they had no intention of enforcing pet food regulations. Click here if you wish to listen. As Ms. Thixton’s writes:

The FDA was charged by Congress (in 2007) to establish updated pet food ingredient definitions, to be completed by September of 2009. The FDA has not completed this Congressional requirement; FDA ignored the deadline.

You can read a copy of the paper by clicking here.

Happily eating home-cooked meals with non-GMO human-grade ingredients,



One thought on “Out of the mouth of “babes”: Death by Dog Food

  1. What a surprise that the FDA has fallen on their responsibilities to protect animal feed. Animals have no voice without us, which is why we as humans must be proactive and protect them.
    The FDA allows certain pharmaceuticals to be approved that clearly hold a risk reward benefit in favor of big pharma.
    This is a very sad scenario for all of us, as the chaos they are supposed to help control in America has been bought.


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