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The Sandwich Man

Allan Law

For 32 yeas Mr. Allan Law was an innercity middle school teacher in Minneapolis (MN). During his tenure, Mr. Law witnessed much poverty and hunger in the population surrounding his school and he decided to do something about it. In 1967, he founded Minneapolis Recreation Development, Inc. (“MRD”) which obtained its 501(c)3 non-profit status in 1996.

MRD is an all volunteer non-profit with no salaries serving the homeless, poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged youth, and their families in the Twin Cities every day with food assistance in the form of sandwiches prepared by a team of volunteers and a variety of other emergency needs through MRD’s core programs.

Working out of his condominium which has 10 freezers, with a few other freezers located among a few other volunteers, Mr. Law delivers food and other necessities from 9PM to 10AM (a time when shelters are closed) to the under-privileged population of the Twin Cities out of the back of MRD minivan. Mr. Law works 365 days of the  year, snow, ice and holidays included.

During his 44 years of service, Mr. Law has volunteered more than 175,000 hours and personally spent some $500,000 to help the less fortunate. For his efforts, he has been recognized by 3 Presidents and has received the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis medallion. Since its founding, MRD’s credo has been: “Judge our society by how we care for our children and the disadvantaged.”

Here’s a link to a short video about Mr. Law.

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