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Got Milk? Then You May Have Sludge Oil, Grease and Pesticides

Hardy logo

Hardy Animal Nutrition (“Hardy”) is a subsidiary of the Magnus International Group (“Magnus”). Hardy is located in Painsville (an appropriate name as you will read), Ohio. According to Hardy’s website, the company:

“develops and manufactures exclusive natural animal feed ingredients for the dairy, poultry and swine industries. We create these primary products from uniquely refined secondary vegetable and animal-based co-products, including a wide variety of
domestic and tropical vegetable oils, cooking greases, animal fats and other renewable raw materials. No company surpasses [Hardy]’s ability to effectively custom-make animal feed ingredients from rigorously tested co-products. Our versatile plant is capable of running both stand-alone and integrated processes, which allows us to manufacture the highest-value feed supplements” [Emphasis in original]

Hardy further defines “secondary co-products” as:

“includ[ing] a wide variety of domestic and tropical vegetable oils, cooking greases, animal fats and other renewable raw materials.”

Hardy plant
Hardy’s plant

And you know that Hardy must pay top-dollar for its ingredients because they:

“source [] co-products from the most sophisticated, expansive supply chain network in the industry.” [Emphasis added]

Also, you know that their end product (i.e., animal feed) must be top quality because:

“Secondary co-products that pass our rigorous tests are remanufactured into either high-quality animal feed ingredients or top-quality industrial and consumer products.” [Emphasis added]

This is why it is all the more baffling to this 4-legged that Hardy recently received a letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) because of their use of illegal industrial grade, pesticide contaminated and sludge oil fats which were specifically stated not to feed to animals, into its dairy feeds.

Hardy couldn’t have argued that this was an error since they:

meticulously analyz[e] inbound raw materials in our lab, [and] also conduct in-depth screening of mid-process products and an extensive evaluation of finished products to ensure they meet customer quality expectations.” [Emphasis added]

Perhaps that is why they didn’t even bother arguing so and openly admitted in sworn affidavits to the FDA the use of these illegal ingredients.

Good thing Hardy’s:

“ability to recover, refine and repurpose secondary plant and animal-based co-products into primary natural products is, in a word, unmatched.”


What is perhaps even more baffling is that the FDA only bothered to send a warning letter. That’s it. No fine, no shutting down the plant, no recall of the animal feed, no prosecution of the executives… just a warning letter which, in part, states that, during an FDA inspection of Hardy’s plant, the inspector found:

significant violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act”.

Among other violations, the inspector found that:

“On August 17, 2015, you received a shipment of Brown Grease from (redacted). The Bill of Lading describes the product as Industrial Grade and contains warning statement DO NOT FEED TO ANIMALS. You stated in a signed affidavit this product was off-loaded into your facility and you processed this into Energy Booster 100, a dried dairy feed ingredient, lot #082015-34 that you subsequently sold as animal feed.

The FDA also warned Hardy  for adding ‘Vegetable Fatty Acid with Pesticides’ into dairy feed even though the invoice for this ingredient specifically stated not intended or suitable for human or animal consumption. Lastly, the FDA stated that Hardy used “Sludge Oil” labeled as ‘non-edible’ in animal feed. But, hey, in for a penny in a for a pount, no? And since Hardy’s actions only resulted in a warning letter, why bother reducing the company’s profits and the executives’ compensation, no?

Good thing that, as their logo states, the FDA are here to”Protect[] and Promot[e] Your Health” [Emphasis in original]

Magnus International is located in Chagrin Falls (an appropriate name, no?), Ohio. The company’s executives are (from left to right): Eric Lofquist (Co-owner, President and CEO); Scott Forster (Co-owner, Vice-President and COO); Sharon Stefan (Corporate Controller); Brett Ayers (Product Manager). Click here for a complete list of Magnus executives.

Maguns CEO     Magnus COO    Magnus Controller    Magnus PM

For the record, Magnus has won numerous awards (mostly for being profitable), including:

  • Several awards for fastest growing company
  • Manufacturing innovation and management excellence
  • Most inventive manufacturing company

Magnus awards

This 4-legged continues to be baffled, but then again one need only follow the money trail. As a private company, Magnus does not release its financial statements. However, in a press article, executives reported $74.5MM in sales in 2011, representing a 2,735% (that’s a comma, not a period) growth in sales over a five year period.




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