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Most pet “food” is adulterated and toxic


According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent an estimated $23B in pet “food” in 2015. Unfortunately, the vast majority of this “food” (it is in quotation mark because it is not, per se, food) is adulterated and in violation of both Federal and state laws.

This lengthy post from Truth About Pet Food is very instructive on this issue.

2-leggeds have a saying: “You are what you eat.” This adage applies to us 4-leggeds as well. This 4-legged understands that some 2-leggeds and shelters don’t believe they can afford healthy food. However, perhaps what you economize in feeding this “food” may just be spent out in increased vet visits when we fall sick. There are many excellent books out there (even available for free from your local library) providing healthy, not-so-expensive, recipes. Among those are: Dinner Pawsible (Dr. Cathy Alinovi), Dr. Pitcairn’s complete guide to natural health for dogs & cats (Dr. Richard Pitcairn).

I invite you to read the attached posting and the label of whatever food you are buying carefully. In the coming months, I will be posting a series of articles on commercial pet “food” and the meaning of the different ingredients. Until then,

Healthily yours,



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