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Saving Lula, a hummingbird of a story

Hummingbird 1

Yesterday, February 18, 2016, a hummingbird flew into my 2-legged’s bedroom and crashed against one of the walls. She then fell to the floor where she laid stunned and in shock. I came over and barked to call my 2-legged’s attention to this accident. When he came over, he gently picked her (we think it is a female given her coloring). He quickly mixed some raw organic cane sugar (much healthier to a hummingbird than processed sugar) into purified water (tap water has chlorine and fluoride, two know toxic chemicals) and brought her outside where he proceeded to feed her through an eye dropper and give her Reiki (my 2-legged is a Reiki master and provides Reiki to pets on an almost constant basis).

Hummingbird 6 -2


My sister, Jackie (a Jack Russell Terrier), and her 2-legged, Valentina, came over to help. Jackie and I stood guard against any possible intrusion by neighborhood cats while our 2-leggeds tended to the care of Lula (so named by Valentina). Other 2-leggeds, Lewisa and Barbara, both huge lovers of 4-leggeds, 2-wingeds and other animals, were called on the phone for advice.

Vali & Jackie
My aunt Valentina and my sister Jackie

My 2-legged kept feeding Lula with an eye dropper while also giving her Reiki for a couple of hours. Through it all, Lewisa did some research on the internet about feeding hummingbirds and how to help them recover, information she shared with my 2-legged. When sunset came, Lula was still out of it, her eyes closed and her feathers all puffed up to keep warm. I suggested to my 2-legged that we should keep her safe and warm for the night. So we put a pillow case on the bottom of a wicker basket (this latter courtesy of Valentina) andcovered the whole thing with a new rag and placed it in the bathroom where she would be kept in the dark and away from noises. Hummingbirds go into ketosis during the night and disturbances drains their energy. Since Lula was apparently still in shock, it was important to keep her undisturbed.

Wicker basket

In the morning, my 2-legged arose just prior to sunrise to care for Lula (he normally day trades stocks but took the morning off to care for Lula). She was taken outside in her basket and again fed with an eye dropper while I again stood guard against any possible intrusion by neighborhood cats. It was California chilly so we were covered up while we waited for the sunrise and the sun to begin warming Southern California. Lula was either sleeping or still out of it. My 2-legged kept offering her sugar-water every 3-5 minutes. Sometimes Lula would drink from the eye dropper and sometimes she wouldn’t.

The star of the show

As the sun rose higher in the sky, my sister and her 2-legged joined us in the rescue attempt. Here’s a video of my sister’s 2-legged feeding Lula with an eye-dropper and wishing her a “good morning.” Jackie and I continued to watch for neighborhood cats and I barked from time to time to let the cats know we were watching.

As the morning wore on, our 2-leggeds switched from sugar-water to a hummingbird’s favorite food (so we are told), a hibiscus flower. Here’s a video of my sister’s 2-legged offering Lula a hibiscus flower.

Valentina feeding Lula with flower

By now, Lula had opened her eyes and had begun to flutter her wings. As the morning progressed towards high noon, my 2-legged brought down one of Valentina’s hummingbird feeders and Lula proceeded to perch on it and, every once in a while, feed from it. Here’s a video of it.

At the feeder

About 1/2 hour later, Lula flew to the top of the feeder. She was bright-eyed and flapping her wings ready to take flight. A few minutes after this video was taken, she took flight. Jackie and I could finally relax from our watch. Mission accomplished.

Joyfully yours,



One thought on “Saving Lula, a hummingbird of a story

  1. Way to go Beau. 🙂 You, your papa, your aunt and your sister did great work and undoubtedly your green winged friend will be eternally grateful to all of you. Love ’em ruby throated hummingbirds. I am one of the two legged kind and I hang three hummingbird feeders on my 14th floor east coast balcony every spring. It won’t be too much longer before I’ll be able to do so and I will again look forward to their return. Bark on my friend…bark on….


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