Teacher Sonya Romero

It seems to us 4-leggeds that, perhaps too often, 2-leggeds make heroes out of people whose sole claim to fame is … well, that they’re famous. We prefer so-called ordinary people who make everyday life a little easier for others; who turn a frown into a smile; who make the world a better place for some or all of us. We think it’s more important than whether you can slam dunk a ball, or hit one outside the park, or sing twerky lyrics. But, that’s just a 4-legged’s point of view.

So with that in mind, here’s today’s REAL HERO; teacher Sonya Romero. Ms. Romero teaches at Lou Ellis Elementary School located in Albuquerque (NM) where, every morning, she asks her students whether they have eaten that morning (20% of children in the US go to bed hungry every night) and whether they need something to wear. She has 1 son of her own, and fosters 2 other children who were to be taken in by Child Protective Services. We 4-leggeds think she’s a REAL HERO!

sonya romero

Teacher Sonya Romero on Ellen



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