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Of Trump And Of Hatred

Rose Hamid

So let me get this straight, a woman stands up in a crowd, remains silent and gets ejected from a political rally along with a few other people. The common denominator among them was the wearing of a 6-pointed star bearing the words: “Islam“. But she is the sign of hatred?

The woman, Rose Hamid, in a move reminiscent of another Rosa (Parks) who refused to sit at the back of the bus, was said to have caused a commotion at a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina. But she simply stood up, nothing else. From the footage of news reports, it seems that the “commotion” was caused by Trump supporteds who shouted “Get out” and even accused Ms. Hamid of having a bomb.


Interestingly, Mr. Trump asserted that: “There is such a level of hatred that you can’t even believe it. There’s a hatred, a deep-seated hatred.” Of course, he was referring to Muslims hating any non-Muslim. However, as usual, it seems that it was Mr. Trump who was spewing words of hatred.

It seems we have not matured since the relocation of Indian Americans; relocation of relocation of American citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War II, the McCarthy era were people were blackballed for even the mere accusation of being Communists or Communist sympathizers… plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! Meanwhile, Mr. Trump does talk much about so-called Christians who shoot up church-going people, or women and doctors at clinics. etc.


Let’s not even get started on American citizens’ right of free speech. Given how Mr. Trump is prone to eject anyone who doesn’t agree with him (Vermont rally disruptions), it is possible that the 2nd Amendment wouldn’t matter much under a Trump presidency.

Interestingly as well, Mr. Trump stated that: “We have to know the problem, and before we do anything and before we do anything stupid, we have to know what we’re doing.” Hmmm… one has to wonder if Mr. Trump has already done “stupid.”

Perhaps as a last interesting point, it should be noted that key parts of Mr. Trump’s “empire” are based in Muslims countries, an “empire” he first built thanks to deals with the Royal Saud family.

Today, even as Trump barnstorms the United States denouncing Muslims, his company continues to do big business in the same countries from which he wants to ban emigrants. For example, Trump’s portfolio boasts about major golf resorts that his company is spearheading in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. In 2013, the Trump Organization signed its first agreement with Damac Properties, a development company based in Dubai, to operate Trump International Golf Club Dunai. A second golf course, Trump World Golf Club Dubai, also expected to be built by Damac Properties, is slated to open by the end of 2017.” International Business Times

Here’s the video of Ms. Hamid being escorted out along with an interview of Ms. Hamid by CNN.

Rose Hamid happens to be a flight attendant and an American citizen. We 4-leggeds are baffled!©



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