keep-calm-its-election-timeWell, it’s election time, if not season. All candidates are busy telling us how they will be our savior – which is sort of ironic given that it’s Christmas time, no?

Well, from this 4-legged’s point of view, there’s a little too much hot air being blown about. So, I’ve decided to provide some “politically incorrect” commentary on the candidates as election season progresses. In this role, I promise to be fair and impartial… I shall pick on each and every one of them.

From the comments I hear my 2-legged and his friends make, and all the screaming on Fox News (is it really news if it’s made up?), I gather Mr. Donald Trump (or is The Mr. Donald Trump, or Mr. The Donald Trump – we 4-leggeds are confused), seems to be a leading contender. From my 4-legged point of view, I smell a lot of poo from someone spewing forth a lot of hate. But then again, hate seems to be a powerful motivator among you 2-leggeds. So here we go for Round 1 on “The Donald.”


Here’s a short, and quite clever, video about The Donald as Darth Vader. From what I understand, it seems that Mr. Trump might actually enjoy this comparison. It seems power, or at least the hunger, for it strong within him.

Darth Trump

May the force (of patience) be with all us.

PS I wonder if he has cookies? I could like him more if he had cookies and was willing to share! Nah, he’d never share even if he had cookies.



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