Christmas Lights Around The World

It’s Christmas time when most 2-leggeds think about peace in the world. Though it also seems like a time when a lot of hate, propelled by religious beliefs, surfaces. Nevertheless, it is a time both my 2-legged and I enjoy if nothing else because of the beautiful displays of lights. For your enjoyment here a few samples from across the world.

Rockfeller XMas
Rockfeller Center (NY), Getty Images
Rodrigo Xmas
Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon (Brazil), AFP/Getty Images
Bradenburg Xmas
Bradenburg Gate (Germany), Bloomberg
Mexico Xmas
Mexico City (Mexico), AFP/Getty Images
Lafayette Xmas
Galeries Lafayette (Paris – France), Brian Lawrence/Getty Images
Greece Xmas
Syngtama Square (Athens – Greece), AFP/Getty Images
Vienna Xmas
Vienna (Austria), Getty Images
Kuala Lumpur Xmas
Shah Alam Stadium (Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia), Getty Images

May all 2-leggeds remember that it is time to love and be loved, not a time to show how much you love by how deep you reach into your pocket.

wise men bearing gifts



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